Utility billing breakdown:

Starting October 1st, 2018, the minimum monthly charge for garbage/sewer/water:

Using 0-2000/gallons per month is $125.59 

If you have Careflite the monthly bill is $126.59 

Monthly cost breakdown for the minimum monthly charge.

*Water: $46.56

*Sewer: $62.98

*Garbage: $14.82

*Flat tax rate is $1.23

We contract with the City of Midlothian for our water. When their rates increase, our rates increase.

As a Venus Water Customer, you can pay your water bill online, or in person. Visa and Master Card are accepted.

For assistance call 972-366-3348 ext 203.

Trash Collection:  Frontier Waste Solutions


On March 11th, the City of Venus Council awarded the contract for the solid waste collection to Frontier Waste Solutions in order to improve services for our residents.
Part of this contract, each resident will be receiving a 96 gallon trash bin and 96 gallon recycling bin.
The new collection day will be Thursdays and this will be for both the trash and recycling service. The new service will also include large bulk pickup on the first Wednesday of each month. The bulk pickup will give each resident the opportunity to get rid of old couches, brush, or other large items.
Effective April 9, 2019, all residents will be required to use the bins provided as they are the only authorized containers. No exceptions.
The first pickup day will be April 11, 2019.
Thank you.ext 203