The Animal Services Department provides response for complaints concerning domestic animals, reptiles and livestock.

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for impounding animals that are stray, quarantining animals which have bitten humans, and disposing of dead animals.

If you see a loose dog, injured animal or hear barking dogs, please contact the non-emergency number at 972-366-8963 so that Animal Control Officer or a patrol officer can respond. If you have a situation with a dangerous or aggressive dog, please call 911.

Please use the contact form below to report non-emergency information regarding animal issues.

Please complete the Lost/Found Pet Information Form below to report a lost or found pet. Information on lost or found pets is posted to our City of Venus Animal Control Facebook page. If you are within the City of Venus limits and need Animal Control to pick-up a found pet, please call 972-366-8963.



On February 13, 2017, the City of Venus adopted a new Animal Ordinance. See attached information below:

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