Below is an online submission form but if you decide to submit a security check request in person, click on the following link to fill out and print out the form.
Security Check Form

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If during our check of you premises we find an open or unlocked door(s) or window(s), or signs of a forcible entry, we will do the following; our dispatcher will first call your residence via telephone. If no answer, our officers will enter and search your residence for anyone inside. Anyone found inside will be assumed by us to be a Burglar!

When you return home call and inform us immediately of your return (972-366-3332), if there is no answer, leave a voice message! This will prevent you from being awakened in the middle of the night by officers who are performing the security check of your premises.

If you have failed to inform us of your return, you will be requested (by our dispatcher when they call) to step outside and identify yourself to our officers. If you do not answer the phone, or you refuse to come outside and identify yourself, the officers will have no choice but to enter your premises and check your identity.