The City Secretary serves as the liaison between City Administration and elected officials.

Among the responsibilities of the City Secretary’s office are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Attend all meetings of the City Council:
    • Keep accurate minutes of the proceedings;
    • Record all motions, resolutions and ordinances of the city;
    • Preserve all records of the city;
  • Assure compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act as the Public Information Coordinator;
  • Supervise municipal court & utility billing employees;
  • Act as Public Investment Officer for the City and maintain cash accounts;
  • Responsible for maintaining Employee Benefit programs;
  • Complete payroll, prepare various quarterly reports and pay all city bills;
  • Produce accurate and complete monthly financial statements;
  • Maintain bank statement reconciliations;
  • Other duties as required by the Mayor, City Council and City Administrator.

The Office of City Secretary was created by ordinance as permitted by the Texas Local Government Code allowing governing bodies of Type A General Law Municipalities to create offices as deemed necessary.