The City Council Regular Meetings are the

2nd Monday of every month at 7:00 PM

City of Venus Council Chambers - 103 W. 3rd St

(West end of Police Department)

Citizens Public Comment Period: Citizens can sign up before the meeting to speak in public forum for 5 minutes.

No personal attacks on any elected official or city employees will be allowed. 

James L. Burgess


Citizens can leave a voicemail for the

Mayor at 972-366-3348 Ext 204


Jeannie Prazak

Councilmember Place #1

Linda Raye Harris

Councilmember Place #2

Jeanie Toland-Scott

Councilmember Place #3

Geronimo Hernandez

Councilmember Place #4

Robert McCurdy

Mayor Pro Tem / Councilmember Place #5