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About Annexation

Annexation is the process of bringing property into the City limits. Territory may be annexed by request of a property owner or can be initiated by the City. Petiotining for incorporation into the City Venus can be a valuable opportunity for the landowners of the property located outside City's corporate limits.

Terms of annexation

The State of Texas grants authority to cities to annex territory in accordance to state law. The following terms for annexation apply:

  • The maximum amount of territory a City may annex each year is normally 10% of its existing area.
  • The mimimum width of an area being annexed is normally 1,000 feet.
  • Certain public notification requirements exist as does a requirement to hold up two public hearings.
  • A municipal service plan must be provided for the annexed area.

Property Eligible for Annexation

Property that lies within the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) and is contiguous to the existing City limits is eligible for annexation. The City's ETJ covers an area that extends one (1) mile from the City limits.

Petitioner requests incorporation into the City limits in writing to the City

Property owners are required to submit a request to be annexed and provide detailed metes and bounds, legal description of the property or properties to be incorporated as an attached file and directed to the attention of the City Administrator.

Determine applicability of Section 43.014, Section 43.016 and act accordingly.

Petition submitted for City Council

Staff receives the submittal and prepares for City Council. Petition of owners and negotiate and execute written service agreeement (include Development Agreement, if applicable)

Written service agreement must include: 1) a list of each service the city will provide on the effective date of the annexation, 2) a schedule that includes the period within which the city will provide each service that is not provided on the effective date.

Resolution presented to City CouncilResolution for annexation submitted to City Council, must include petitions, development agreeements, exhibits, and declaration of the City's ETJ.
Notice of Public Hearing must be posted in the Midlothian Mirror and must posted on the municipality's website

Must be published on or after the 20th day but before the 10th day of the date of the hearing (43.0673 d. 1)

Must be posted on City's website on or after the 20th day but before the 10th day of the date of the hearing and must remain posted until the date of the public hearing (43.0673 d.2)

Certified mail notice to public school district in accordance with 43.905Notice must be sent on or after the 20th day but before the 10th day of the date of the 1st public hearing.
Certified mail notice to public entitiest in accordance with 43.9051Notice must be sent on or after the 20th day but before the 10th day of the date of the 1st public hearing. Note: additional provisions apply where the content of this notice is concerned, and must be reviewed carefully to ensure the notice includes the proper detailed information.
Public HearingHold Public Hearing - Regular City Council Meeting.
Readings of Annexation OrdinancePresent Annexation Ordinance (43.0673) 
Annexation complete

Complete post annexation procedures:

  • Comptroller and Appraisal District Notification
  • Send boundary changes to county voter registrar
  • Filing with County Clerk
  • Prepare Map of Municipal Boundaries and ETJ and Notice of ETJ expansion (must include date of ordinance and number of ordinance and a reference to the minutes or ordinance records in which the ordinance is recorded in full Local Government Code 41.001
  • Notify Public Utility Commission
  • Notify electric provider
  • Notify cable and video providers
  • Notify retail gas and water companies

Properties become a part of city limits and can proceed with submitting for subdivision and building permit.

All annexations must be carried out according to State law and the City Charter. As a Type A General-Law Municipality, the City of Venus has the authority to annex property contiguos and within one mile of its current city limits following procedures consistent with Chapter 43 of the Texas Local Government Code. The City will hold two public hearings and two ordinance readings to approve a voluntary annexation. The annexation is completed upon second reading of the ordinance, which includes adoption of a municipal service plan for the newly annexed area.