Venus Guardian Program

What is the Venus Guardian Program?

The Venus Guardian Program is a free, voluntary database ran by the Venus Police Department to help certain at-risk individuals in case they go missing or in case of an emergency.

These at-risk people may suffer from one or more cognitive disorder that may cause them to have trouble communicating. In addition, alerts are added to family residences and vehicles to alert First Responders that there may be special needs in the event of an emergency.

If First Responders find someone who cannot communicate where he or she lives, they can search the database and return the person to their loved ones. This system also works in reverse- if a loved one goes missing, their picture and description is immediately available.

Who is eligible?

  • Participant or their guardian must be a resident of Venus, or the participant attends school or daycare in Venus
  • Participant has difficulty with or is unable to communicate basic personal information due to the diagnosed medical condition, OR
  • Participant is prone to wander away or run away due to a diagnosed medical condition.

How to register:

  1. Complete an application

Applications are available:

    • In person: Venus Police Department at 700 W Highway 67
    • At the bottom of this page
  1. Register the at-risk person

After turning in the application, a Venus Police Officer will contact you to setup a good time to have a face to face meeting with the individual and their family/caretakers. A photograph will be taken for the record and the officer can answer any questions.

  1. Remember to Renew and Provide New Information

If you move or change phone numbers please contact us and let us know. Also remember to renew annually with a new application so that we have updated information and a new picture.

Call (972)366-3547 to request further assistance