Do You Have Warrants?

Having a warrant in the City of Venus could result in your arrest. Not paying those citations could also impact your ability to renew your driver’s license. To take care of your outstanding citations, come into Venus City Hall at 105 E Hwy 67, Venus Tx 76084 or follow the payment options listed below. The Court is willing to work with you to make a disposition of your citations. Failure to act will have consequences.

You may search your name through our online payment system to see all open cases in Venus Municipal Court under your name.

Here is how to clear an outstanding warrant:

  • Fines may be paid in person (cash, check, money order or credit card) at the Venus Municipal Court, located at 105 E HWY 67, Venus TX 76084.
    • Lobby / Drive-thru hours are Mon – Fri: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Fines may be mailed to the Municipal Court: P.O. Box 380, Venus, TX 76084. The court accepts checks or money orders payable to the City of Venus and the fine must be paid in full for your warrants to be cleared.
  • Fines may be paid by credit card online. Payment must be made in full. There will be an additional service fee for this payment option.
  • Fines may be paid by credit card by phone if a plea has been entered on the citation. You may call the Venus Municipal Court at 972-366-3348 and select option 2.

Warrants : About

For “Class C Misdemeanor” offenses the initial punishment assessed is “fine only” and does not include jail time. Generally a fine is assessed by a Judge or you may be given the option of Driving Safety Course or Deferred Disposition when you make arrangements for your citation. However, when you sign the citation issued by the Police officer, you promise to appear in court. You may be arrested if you do not voluntarily come to court as you have promised. In addition, YOU MAY BE ARRESTED if you do not pay the fine assessed by the Court, which you promised to pay.

The Court issues two kinds of arrest warrants. First type of warrants are issued for:

  • not appearing at the Court as promised.
  • not taking care of original Class C citation.

If you are arrested, you may post a bond to be released from jail.

The second type of warrant is called a “Capias Pro-fine” warrant.

  • This warrant is prepared for people failing to obey Judge’s order to pay the fine on or before a certain date.

When you have a “Capias Pro-fine” warrant, you do not have the option to post a bond. You can only clear the warrant by either paying the fine or by serving time in jail.