Under our American system of justice, all persons are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.  Please review each plea listed below carefully before making your decision.  If you plead Guilty or Nolo Contendere, in open court you should be prepared to pay the fine and court costs.   

Not Guilty

A plea of Not Guilty is your statement to the Court that you are denying guilt or you have a defense in your case and require the State to prove the charge against you.   You have the right to represent yourself as a pro se defendant or you may retain an attorney.


A plea of Guilty is your admission to committing the offense you have been charged with. 

Nolo Contendere (No Contest)

A plea Nolo Contendere, also known as No Contest, means that you do not contest the charge against you.  The difference between a plea of No Contest and Guilty is that the No Contest plea cannot be used against you in a civil suit for damages should one arise from the offense with which you were charged. 


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